Men get married for a variety of reasons, sometimes even diametrically opposed. Some people are reluctant to do it, for some people marriage is a great stress, but almost everyone goes through it. Agree, if you consider the question why a girl wants to/does not want to get married, then you can easily count the arguments on the fingers of one hand. It is either a man’s business. These are the main reasons that will help you use the Spokane dating site more effectively.


Almost every man indicates sex in the reasons for his voluntary marriage. Depending on age, it may be a desire for regular sex, or vice versa, when there was a lot of sex in life and now you want to relax a little. Younger men and inexperienced men stupidly believe that marriage is the key to regular sex. That is, no matter how a man behaves (in terms of maintaining his form and financial situation), he will always have sex. It is then he understands that he was mistaken. 

Some young people get married because before the wedding their girlfriend does not want to have sex, and it is not possible to convince her. Love has nothing to do with it. Finally, more experienced men, realizing that they are losing class (sexually) and they need sex only insofar as they marry their same “experienced” women.


It would seem to be a stereotype, but it is still true. For many men, the bachelor way of life eventually turns into hell. When you get tired of cleaning, washing, cooking – it’s time to look for a wife. Of course, with this approach, we are not talking about any kind of love: a wife is found according to two criteria: economy and parameters (the more breasts and lush hips, the better). True, what kind of selection, such then the relationship is formed.


The fear of losing the woman you love and being alone, the fear that a man will be left unattractive, may push him to a wedding. Here, fear is very closely intertwined with love, and the fear of being alone with the desire for mutual commitment: you care about her, she cares about you, so this reason can be safely considered a conscious choice and marriage of love. On the other hand, fear in the future can play a bad joke: if you are afraid of losing and love a lot, it is possible that your partner can manipulate this. After all, you can find a loved one on the site Sacramento singles and no one wants to lose a loved one.


Of course, it could have been put in the first place, but it is a very banal and uninteresting reason. Finally, with his whole being, the guy understands that this is the only and unique one. Romance, and that’s all! And the man also wants a child very much, and a woman out of wedlock does not accept children, so there is nothing else left but to get married. But since a man only wants children from the woman he loves, he will marry for love.

The power of habit

You can’t think of a more tedious and trivial reason. Nevertheless, many men get married simply because it is necessary. He may not even love his woman, he can cook, clean, laundry, he does not need children, and he does not need a wife, but all his friends have married long ago, some became dads – that’s what I want too. To be more exact, “I need. Or, for example, a man meets a woman for many years, and at one point he has no choice – it is necessary.

A favor

I.e. the man was tired of constantly repeating phrases like “I so want to be a bride”, “I want to wear this wedding dress” or “When are we getting married already?” etc. and he succumbed to provocation. Finally, he was simply sick of his mother’s daily requests for grandchildren or the unambiguous views and hints of a potential mother-in-law. And so, to please everyone and speed up what will happen sooner or later, the man agrees. This is, of course, a love marriage, but a little accelerated.