Along with other products in the Green Papas range you can buy 250 mg cbd oil, which is obtained from cold-pressed plant seeds. We suggest that you find out what useful properties this product has and to whom it is recommended. 

What are the advantages of hemp seed oil over other vegetable oils? 

In many reputable sources you can find a lot of information about hemp oil. Specialists from different countries believe that it is one of the best superfoods that should be in the diet of people who lead a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, you should remember that hemp is not some exotic species, but a plant, which is found almost everywhere in many countries. 

Many scientists believe that the greatest benefit to the human body comes from products derived from local raw materials, not from far away. This is due to our genetic characteristics. It is “exotics” that most often causes food allergic reactions, as the body simply does not take foreign substances. Thus, for most people, hemp oil will be a much more preferable choice than other vegetable oils derived from other products. 

The safety of hemp seed oil

In some people hemp is primarily associated with narcotic substances – cannabinoids. Many studies have been carried out on this topic, which have confirmed that hemp oil is absolutely safe in this respect and has no age limit for use. The only contraindication to the use of the product is its individual intolerance. 

Use of hemp oil for Omega 6 and Omega 3 balance

This product contains about 80% of essential fatty acids and is a record-breaker for this indicator. Hemp is rich in omega acids, and in oil they are in perfect proportion. It is not uncommon to consume products rich in omega 3 and omega 6 to disturb their balance. In some cases, people consume many times more omega 6 with a lack of omega 3. This is not the best solution, because this ratio is not only useless, but also harmful to health, as blood viscosity increases and there is a risk of blood clots. 

In hemp oil, the omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acid balance is 3:1. Experts call this ratio ideal for disclosing the useful properties of omega acids. The same proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids is available only in well-known and incredibly useful fish oils. Unfortunately, the diet of most people are not rich in fresh sea fish, and the safety of seafood sometimes causes serious doubt due to environmental problems. For this reason, hemp-based products will be a full replacement for this expensive delicacy. 

Vitamin properties of hemp oil

Oil derived from hemp seeds contains vitamins A and E, which have antioxidant effects and participate in many life processes. The product is also rich in B vitamins, contains calcium and zinc, iron, phosphorus. In this superfood found important for bone health vitamin D, which is usually found only in animal products. For this reason, hemp oil should be recommended as a therapeutic and preventive agent against rickets, osteoporosis and other diseases causing pathological changes in bone tissue. In the next article you can learn more about hemp oil benefits and side effects

Consumption in food

The use of hemp oil is retained when it is added to the prepared dishes. The product must not be exposed to heat, stored outdoors, because the useful properties of the oil are significantly reduced by the decomposition of omega acids at high temperatures and oxidation. The liquid has a pleasant flavour with a light nutty taste. This oil is ideal for vegetable salads, soups and other dishes. To make up for the lack of omega acids and achieve a healthful effect, it is enough to eat one tablespoon of the product three times a day.