Effective ways to get rid of jealousy

Sociologists, psychologists of the world are studying the problem of jealousy. Many people manage to develop effective methods to combat the all-consuming feeling. Italian sociologist Pierluigi D’Alessio suggests using five methods to help stop jealousy of your partner. 

Common poker myths

There are many myths that apply to poker. This game has attracted the attention of players from all over the world for many years. It is not surprising that various myths are born around it. However, more often than not, they have nothing to do with reality. In this article, we will talk about the […]

How to buy wood

Acquiring wood after the latest innovation has become a fairly simple process. The fact is that you can now perform this task on the Prozorro portal, which speaks of the maximum openness of this kind of trade and the fact that you will have all the tools you need to solve the problem. So the […]

Alzheimer’s disease manifestation

The triggers for Alzheimer’s disease are not yet fully understood. Early onset Alzheimer’s disease may first appear before the age of 65 and may be associated with heredity. If you have relatives with Alzheimer’s and you have questions about the heredity of the disease, it is recommended to consult with a geneticist. You will also […]

Why do men want to get married?

Men get married for a variety of reasons, sometimes even diametrically opposed. Some people are reluctant to do it, for some people marriage is a great stress, but almost everyone goes through it. Agree, if you consider the question why a girl wants to/does not want to get married, then you can easily count the […]

Who is a DevOps engineer, and what does he do?

As the name implies, DevOps-engineer acts as the very “link” between development and operation (i.e. he knows both Development and Operations).

Hemp oil: myths and facts

Along with other products in the Green Papas range you can buy 250 mg cbd oil, which is obtained from cold-pressed plant seeds. We suggest that you find out what useful properties this product has and to whom it is recommended.  What are the advantages of hemp seed oil over other vegetable oils?  In many […]

A Picture of Failed Word Ministry

Let’s think about the picture Malachi paints, first of all, of a failed Word ministry. It’s a sobering picture. And there’s an event that occurred earlier this year, really a tragedy, that I think serves as a helpful metaphor for the message of this part of chapter 2.

A Pattern for the Faithful Ministry of the Word

So Malachi paints a picture of the failure of Word ministry and yet he gives us a promise about the future of the ministry of the Word for our great comfort.

The new covenant priesthood not based on ceremonial law.

Look at verses 12-17 and perhaps we ought to stop there. In verses 12-17, the author then tells us that there is a connection between this new priesthood and the change in the law.